Vendmanager Mobile

The Vendmanager Mobile system takes the power of the system out into the field, seamlessly integrating with the back office system live throughout the day.

The number one design priority for the mobile system interface was that it should be as easy to use as possible. Operators are guided by easy to follow task lists and when processing an individual task, the screens lead the user through intuitive steps. The system also makes it easy for an operator to perform periodic tasks such as stock taking, for example using barcode scanning to speed up the process.

Service engineers have all the information they need at their fingertips, with tickets presented in a clear prioritised order. They receive immediate notifications when new tickets are assigned to them or indeed re-assigned from them to someone else. The system also links through to a navigation system, to enable satellite navigation if required.

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Stock Reconciliation

Cash and Stock Reconciliation

With tight control of cash and stock a crucial aspect of any business, Vendmanager helps to reduce ‘shrinkage’ and eliminate the human errors that often happen with manual input.

The software accurately reconciles the cash and stock handled by operators and tracks all movements within the system, with all information updated live in real time. With the capability to control multiple depots, warehouses and vehicles from one powerful database, modules such as coin counter and the reconciliation wizard, as well as barcoded tags, allow bags to be matched accurately in the field and agreed back at head office, with all aspects of the process fully traceable.

EVADTS (DEX) compatible

As the only company using DEX data in real time, SB Software are here to make your operations much more efficient, tighten stock and cash reconciliations and eliminate incorrect cash and meter readings. With Vendmanager Mobile able to extract sales and cash data from machines using our Android devices, input errors are reduced and drinks meters can be extracted directly from machines.

Because the DEX data is used directly at the machine, operators can therefore restock much more quickly and valuable data is collected that underpins improved future planning.

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Sb Software Dex Cameo Detail

Instant Analysis

Vendmanager Mobile is the only mobile system in the UK market that will read and analyse the DEX data live, then prompt your operator on the stock they need for the machine. All this without the need for pulling out a shelf.

Detailed Sales Data

Detailed Sales Data

Accurately inputting the data or reading the DEX data from the machine will give you live and accurate brand sales by spiral, cash take and change giver content.

Reduced Filling Time

Reduced Filling Time

Use the stock picking list to take the stock with you from the van to the machine; this will allow you to do the machine in 'one-walk', therefore reducing the filling time.

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Ad hoc Route Planning

A complex industry such as vending management will always throw up unexpected events and challenges, so you need a system that has the flexibility to deal with them.

Vendmanager allows operators to undertake unexpected or unscheduled machine servicing via its Android devices and, because all site history information is stored on the devices, it gives users all they need at their fingertips. With no internet connection required, as soon as the device is synchronised the service is uninterrupted and can even be used in the most challenging situations such as loss of phone lines or servers.

Excellent Support

At SB Software we take great pride in not only providing sophisticated software, but also the very best support from day one. We are aware of how frustrating it can be when things don’t work as they should, which is why we are always here to help. We view providing friendly, flexible and expert support as simply part of the package. We do this by keeping things simple: listening to customers from the off, always being only a phone call away and, should a problem arise more than once, then looking at improving the system so that it doesn't happen again.

We’re always available during office hours of 6am to 6pm, but you can still get in touch at any time, as we'll often get back to you whether we're officially open or not. In order to provide the most effective all-round support, we also use Remote Desktop (servers) or LogMeIn (PCs) to gain access directly to the systems.

Ecellent Support
Always on Call

Always On Call

Our Support team are available from 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Out of these hours an answering service is available and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Our latest range of Android devices come preloaded with mobile support software. This allows our support team to log onto the device remotely to assist operators whether they have a technical issue or need help within Vendmanager Mobile.

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

All our team have an in-depth understanding of Vendmanager Mobile. This means that they can quickly understand any problems that may arise and deal with them efficiently. Operating from 6.00am to 6.00pm, they are there when you need them.