Vending Features

Across your business, throughout your vending operations, we’ll make things Simply Better. With the best vending management anywhere.

We provide totally integrated vending machine management for operators which gathers more data from more sources than anyone else (including payment systems and telemetry devices). We then put all that information hard to work on your behalf (we are the technology specialists with vending in our DNA: it’s where we come from).

Have You Tried Automated Fleet Routing (AFR)?

AFR gives you the best routing. It’s ever on hand, even when specialist staff are away. And it’s so fast that you are free to run “what if” scenarios at ease.

New: Vendmanager API

Are you putting e-commerce hard to work? You can feed orders from your webshop directly into Vendmanager to generate wholesale orders automatically! It’s simple, fast and efficient.

Transforming clients’ raw data into valuable business tools.

SB Software transforms clients’ raw data into valuable business tools, with the best reporting there is, powerful apps ever on-hand via mobile devices, and seamless integrations with external systems (from accounting to web-shops). Our vending management system:

reduces operating costs by 10-20%

decreases shrinkage to negligible levels

cuts stockholding by up to 20%

increases snack sales by up to 20%

provides mistake-free invoicing more quickly

allows service calls to be managed seamlessly, including signature capture and invoicing direct from the operator’s phone

SBS vending software covers every aspect of vending, making things better, faster – and simpler – in every job role. And no-one can offer better solutions.

Efficient, powerful and reliable new ways of working.

From software “wizards” automating routine tasks and activities, to powerful routing tools including mapping with options to prioritise time or distance. From proprietary hardware/peripheral solutions (such as Datakey and Databridge) to efficient new ways of working, putting data/facts/results front and centre when making management decisions. In addition to our standard vending management system, our unique, proprietary Datakey:

saves more than 25 hours a month per route operator

decreases cash reconciliation to under £1 per machine

saves over £2500 a year per route operator

updates product pricing on the machine automatically

improves invoicing significantly.

Integrating with payment systems or Databridge telemetry units means route operators can do single walk from their vans, and/or you can implement visit on demand, attending machines only when they need to be visited. It also makes reconciliation simple, both of cashless and cash sales, and of cashless sales against revenue received from cashless provider.

We take care of the data, so you can take care of your business.

The benefits of SBS vending management are evidenced in the concrete quantifiable benefits we deliver for our clients already. And we are always looking to do more still for:

each individual customer

our client base as a whole

end-users and site owners (our clients’ clients).

Vendmanager is the best vending management software there is.


Put Vendmanager on hand always – anywhere and everywhere, and harness the power of live data. Always.

So when are we getting started?

Future proof your business. Make it more visible, more efficient and more profitable. Cut costs, increase profitability and improve customer service across the board. Let’s take the first step today.