Vendex. What a show!

Vendex. What a show!

November 2017. Old Trafford. This was the best Vendex ever (for us at least). Without a doubt.

And this was our 12th in a row. We haven’t missed exhibiting at Vendex since we started back in November 2011.

The reasons we are so positive?

1) The show itself just keeps getting better and better, in terms of both quantity and quality of visitors. And the format is ideal for our sector. Some people joke that it is like a regional farmer’s market of old. Especially at Old Trafford with the narrow lanes bustling with visitors between the stands. But if you pause for a minute, you’ll see that this is really a compliment. Key players gather together at a venue that is convenient. They catch up on the latest news. Swap stories, experiences and opinions with their counterparts. See the latest products. And share best practice. All in a format that keeps costs low, and hence reduces barriers to participation. Perfect - and that includes the complimentary baked potatoes! Well done to Phil and Jenny Reynolds for building it into the success that it is!

2) Within the format outlined above, where it is easy to exchange ideas frankly, illustrate benefits and discuss opportunities, the match between Vendmanager and our customers (current or potential) is better than ever. This year we are marking our tenth anniversary. And that’s an exciting time. Long enough that we have built technological foundations that are sound, reliable and feature-rich: Vendmanager is simply better than anything else out there. Try it and see for yourself. Or ask any one of our growing family of happy customers. But it’s not so long that we have forgotten why we set out in the first place: to delight operators, by helping them to run their businesses better. And we do that by listening to their needs carefully, then delivering solutions that go beyond their requirements. It’s always been our customers who make us the best.

Members of the SBS team on duty at AVEX, showing off their Datakeys.

Mark Booth (right) of Wilkes Vending with Simon Black MD of SBS at Vendex North 2017.

Against this backdrop, we had more to discuss with visitors than ever before:

• Making Vendmanager Mobile available on Android is proving especially successful, allowing operators to use the mobile device of their choice (phone, tablet or phablet) to improve their operations.
• Our latest product Vendmanager Datakey is causing quite a buzz - you just plug it into a machine to transmit data wirelessly via Bluetooth, increasing speed and security.
• And we have been (pleasantly) surprised at the scale of the market response to Vendmanager Databridge, our low cost telemetry unit to bring every vending machine online.

So, we were delighted with the most recent Vendex, and enjoyed exchanging ideas with friends old and new.

If you’d like to know more about any of the opportunities that Vendmanager brings for improving a vending business, just get in touch. Any time.

Published 20th November 2017

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