Under the Bonnet with Vendmanager: Contract Review System

Under the Bonnet with Vendmanager: Contract Review System

Reducing Days of Work to Just a Few Hours

Reviewing and changing contracts. Then implementing and communicating those changes. These are recurring needs in our sector.

Think about price updates for example. With manual systems, it’s a lot of work and it’s easy to make a mistake.

Computers can help, but Robin Turver, now Head of Business Development at SBS with 21 years’ hard-earned experience previously, right on the front line in the vending sector, recalls how things were when he was working inside an operator himself: “With the vending management system we had, reviewing contracts still took 2 to 3 weeks, or longer even. It was laborious, with multiple stages. And we still needed to make manual interventions. Often.”

Robin Turver, Head Of Business Development Robin Turver: “Just let us show you contract review with Vendmanager, and you too willbe blown away! It’s so simple, you’ll save days of work!”

Vendmanager is different.

Vendmanager is the most efficient way that we know of addressing this recurring need in our sector.

Vendmanager makes contract review easy. Simply better.

Vendmanager turns days into hours.

Robin explains: “With Vendmanager, everything that can be is automated. A simple click of a button generates a display of what to review, alongside options and a history of what you have done in the past. After review, Vendmanager automatically implements whatever actions have been decided and even creates the letters or emails to the clients as well.

Simple! It is hard to explain how much better this system is, without a quick demo. Just let us show you, and you too will be blown away!”

Vendmanager helps you to plan contract reviews in advance, at the time of your choice, and reduces the risk of mistakes to a minimum. To make things easy and efficient, you just specify whichever batch of machines:

• all sites
• one (or more) major client
• by location type (factories, schools, offices, universities,
hospitals etc)
• by machine types
• or whatever is best for you

… then follow Robin’s simple steps above.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Note: we also have a separate solution which makes the process of wholesale price reviews much more efficient too!

Published 30th January 2019

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