Thank You - AVS Conference Portugal

Thank You - AVS Conference Portugal

Thank you to all the friends (old and new) who made the recent AVS Conference in Portugal such a success for SBS and Vendmanager.

We’re just back from the trip which was both productive and fun - the perfect combination.

As this was our first visit, we went low-key and discreet.


We wanted to meet as many key players in the sector as we could in the short time available. And that meant a few sacrifices - our modesty, dignity and fashion-sense for starters.

An unfortunate wardrobe-malfunction saw Simon (MD, centre), Robin (Business Development, right) and Jed (Marketing) appearing in identical Hawaiian shirts on the first night. But at least they were tasteful. Not.

From there, things could only “get better” - in every sense. And they did.

We expected to do a lot of talking, and we did even more listening. But what we hadn’t anticipated was the warmth of the welcome we received - from everyone we met. Across the board.

The pre-scheduled “speed dating” with top companies was fantastic. And there was so much more to be learnt, whether in the presentations, the awards, or the social events.

The AVS certainly knows how to build and run a successful “club” for all its established members.

But it also knows how to welcome newcomers - like us.

And it certainly knows how to host a good party ….

But, what happens in Portugal stays in Portugal.

Except for those shirts. They are now safely hidden at the back of our wardrobes back home. Promise. Out of sight yes - but they are so loud you can still hear them in the dark. I think they are talking about some even louder yellow coats they saw on the beach. But what happens in Portugal ….

Published 26th September 2016

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