SV24-7: Putting Vendmanager to Work in Scotland. Hard.

SV24-7: Putting Vendmanager to Work in Scotland. Hard.

SV24-7 is a leader in vending and office coffee solutions throughout Scotland. Now, amidst ongoing expansion, the company is putting Vendmanager from SBS hard to work - increasing efficiency whilst improving customer service still further.

Director Fiona Chambers explains: “We are enjoying rapid growth, winning new business almost every week thanks largely to our hard-earned reputation for customer service. We are passionate that our clients deserve the best, and we set standards to exceed their expectations. But delivering on that promise doesn’t just happen on its own. It relies on all our people working hard day-in day-out, with full confidence in the data that underpins our systems. The success with Vendmanager has been founded on analysing and delivering the right solutions, while focusing relentlessly on the nitty gritty - the detail that ensures reliability. We looked at the options available, and Vendmanager has proved night-and-day the best tool to support us in achieving our goals. So we are putting Vendmanager hard to work too.”

Fiona Chambers, Director SV247 Fiona Chambers, Director SV247: “ Vendmanager has proved night-and-day the best tool to support us in achieving our goals.”

People, people, people.

The positive contribution of Vendmanager has been built on firm foundations - engagement and commitment across the whole company.

The leadership team at SV24-7 - Directors Fiona and Ian Chambers - recognised the change to Vendmanager as an opportunity to put in place effective systems not just for today, but for tomorrow too: “We believe in training our people to be the best. This means that we can achieve more with what we have. And Vendmanager means not only that our people can do more still, it helps us to do things better too. It goes beyond visibility alone. Not only can we now see clearly exactly what’s going on, with Vendmanager we have the tools on hand to do the next right thing promptly. Efficiently. And effectively. Then monitor how things progress.”

The whole operations team took ownership of making sure that requirements were more than covered by the new system, as explained: “We are good already but we always want to be better, and the firm foundations we put in place with Vendmanager have ensured that everyone had the confidence to come on board fully - because we knew that we had clean data. And useful software tools to hand. SBS were always nearby or on call to help, led here on-site in Alloa by their Technical Manager Phil McGhee, and nothing we asked for was ever too much trouble. But it was the full engagement from our own team - all of them - that ensured success. Now, we own this system.”

Efficiency, yes - and much more alongside.

Already SV24-7 are seeing tangible improvements:
- Vendmanager reports support informed decision making
- Datakey cuts time at the machine
- the software “wizards” speed up recurring tasks
- each person is able to achieve more in the day.

And that’s… a good basis.

As Fiona explains: “With Vendmanager, we are proud that we have done things properly. But that goes for everything we do at SV24-7. It’s in our blood. Delivering results with honesty and integrity, and exceeding expectations: that’s our recipe for happy clients - and repeat business. That’s just normal for us. Every day.”

Published 31st January 2019

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