Stock Control

Stock Control

Vending International April 2020

Stock Control

As submitted to Vending International, for the April 2020 edition:

Simon Black, MD of SB Software, the Makers of Vendmanager.

“With Vendmanager, we set out every day to deliver the best vending management system (VMS) there is. That’s all about our software (and hardware, such as Datakey and Databridge) harnessing and deploying data - as the lifeblood of an operator’s business. And nothing can be more key to that than stock control and stock management - stock IS what our clients are selling.”

Phil McGhee, Technical Manager at SBS.

“Phil works in the field with operators every day, putting Vendmanager technology to work effectively, day-in, day-out: “The ease with which you can move stock around the various parts of your business, will bring you the peace of mind that your stock is accounted for. This is achieved by giving your staff the correct tools to do the job, whether this be an accurate and well presented packing list at the kerbside or a paperless picking app in the warehouse. Tie into this the ability to trace all the movements of stock from it coming into the warehouse, to the various selling streams, and you have your dream stock control system.”

Simon Black

Simon goes further, explaining that: “it’s not only about WHAT we do, but also HOW we do it. We have a clear mantra, to make things “simply better”. And BOTH words are important. With stock it’s vital to know clearly both what you have got and what you have not got (always paying full attention to essentials such as date rotation). But how about what you should have, or should not have? Or streamlining stock-holding to service today’s requirements as opposed to mirroring age-old habits? What about analysing actual sales, following trends and proactively managing stock to maximise not just sales but profitability throughout? Or automating recurring tasks to run automatically - we do that with “wizards," saving time and money and improving accuracy.

We’ll never stop improving things. “Better” is always good, and making things simple to use as well is even better still. Watch out for our new warehouse picking app to see what I mean. It’s “simply better.”

Published 19th May 2020

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