Service and Wholesale

Take control, and improve efficiency. Integrate everything with Coffeemanager.

Service: Process and manage inbound breakdown/service calls, and create service tickets, with total visibility of each job. Then service tickets can be allocated to the appropriate engineer, using auto routing or local knowledge. Read more about Service.


Wholesale: Coffeemanager enables you to process and manage inbound wholesale/ingredient calls, and create orders, with total visibility of each order. Read more about Wholesale.

Integrate your service calls within Coffeemanager for maximum profitability.

Service tickets are managed via the system, and the engineer processes each call through his mobile device, including signature capture on completion of task, and integrated invoicing. Water filter changes, or PAT testing, or other planned maintenance, can be auto-planned: say goodbye to those spreadsheet reminders!


Coffeemanager takes control of scheduled maintenance, recurring tasks like filters, and callout tickets alike. Coffeemanager makes office coffee service simply better:

process and manage inbound service calls

collect signatures onsite for client approvals of completed service calls

(or electronic POD for ingredients orders)

available with auto-routing

specify and implement questionnaires

(from vehicle checks, to site audits and temperature records - or anything you choose)

auto-plan water filter changes etc

Use Coffeemanager to take full control of your service operation everywhere, and make your business more efficient, more visible and more profitable.

Take full control of your wholesale ingredients business everywhere.

Paperless throughout, wholesale orders are managed seamlessly through the system, right up to picking in the warehouse. Wholesale delivery drivers (or engineers when appropriate) then do ingredients deliveries, and obtain signatures on their phones/tablets, with auto-routing available to maximise efficiency.


The wholesale function provides flexible pricing schemes for customer-specific price lists. Updating of selling prices, as cost prices change, is easy to do. And price lists can be emailed to customers to reduce hassle.


Water bottle deposits are also managed within the Coffeemanager system – to make things simple and efficient throughout – with full integration. Coffeemanager Wholesale makes every aspect of coffee supplies simply better:

process and manage inbound wholesale/ingredient calls

plan outbound calls

manage price lists

collect signatures onsite for electronic POD on ingredients orders

maintain control of stock

Coffeemanager enables you to process and manage inbound wholesale/ingredient calls, and create orders, with total visibility of each order:


pre-populating of an inbound call means your customer manager can see previous orders on the system at the same time as entering an order - providing the ideal opportunity for upselling

outbound calling lists and standing orders are easy to generate within Coffeemanager Wholesale itself.


Coffeemanager is the management system that does everything needed for office coffee and water management.

Coffeemanager Mobile

With Coffeemanager Mobile, you can deploy the benefits of Coffeemanager, wherever you are, via your mobile device.

Coffeemanager Warehouse

Coffeemanager Warehouse streamlines and adds tighter control to a warehouse operative’s day-to-day tasks.

Coffeemanager Databridge

Databridge links via a SIM to Coffeemanager, harnessing remotely the power of the best management system.

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