Schematic Wallpaper?

Schematic Wallpaper?

We now have an enormous schematic graphic on the back of our new exhibition stand, as first displayed at Vendex Midlands this year. We actually have five different graphics (for use in various media - usually smaller!), and the original briefing for the graphic artist was in fact …. a spreadsheet (we are software engineers, remember.) The inspiration behind that spreadsheet and the final designs goes right to the heart of how we are striving to improve vending for clients - every day. And yes, we were proud to stand in front of it at Vendex.

The starting point was something that sounds simple.

We asked ourselves - and selected clients - what do we (SBS) really do to improve vending? What do we offer?
When you tackle a question like this, it is quite straightforward to give a long detailed answer.

Then add some extra information for clarification. Maybe a few illustrative examples too - with copious notes. Include some technical references … and you end up with an exhaustive document.

What’s much more challenging is to distil things down to their essence. The bare essentials. And that’s what we wanted - an essential part of the brief was that the end result must fit on the back of a business card. And it does.
To get there we went through a lot of intense discussion.
Now, going forward, expect to hear the words “simply” and “better” from us often.
Both words are heavily load-bearing for SBS (“Simply Better Software”.)

The four sub-headings are all vital too.
Clients may prioritise one (or more) from time to time, but it would be perilous to sacrifice any one of them altogether. Vendmanager has the power to deliver all four together.
For each of the four we have developed a schematic, colour coded against the relevant heading.

Simply Better for Visibility

Simply Better for Efficiency

Simply Better for Profitability

Simply Better for Customer Service

To brief the graphic artist, the spreadsheet was essential. On an exhaustive matrix of everything we could think of (functions, features and benefits), we added coloured columns - one per heading, and cross referenced everything. We then asked Chris Wrench the graphic artist to bring alive all the tick charts on a grid in the format that you see today.

We are happy to explain each of the schematics whenever useful, but that is not really their purpose. Instead, they illustrate the environment - the challenging world of vending - in which we operate, and how we make these four specific aspects simply better.

The "Combo" Schematic: Everything Together.

Where useful, we also call on a “combo” schematic, combining key elements from all four of the others. This is the world in which we work, improving things for customers through Vendmanager. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Published 20th June 2018

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