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Previously we have written in some detail (both here and in external media) about our Technology Roadmap. This helps us to bring the right innovations, products and solutions to market at the right time - for the benefit of our clients. The roadmap primarily addresses the questions of “What” and “When” from the perspective of technology, and it is indispensable.

But these are not the only questions in town.

We have been growing as a company. This is important for us because:

- the additional revenues bring extra funds to invest in the future, to everyone’s benefit

- the increased client portfolio allows us to spread the ongoing costs of development and support across a broader base, meaning that each and every client gets more “bang for their buck”

- we really enjoy welcoming new members to the “Vendmanager Club” and listening hard, first to understand, then to solve their priority challenges (and subsequently to apply our learnings so that we get better still).

Such success and growth also increase focus on additional key questions for us as a company, especially:

- “Who does What, and How at SBS - both today and tomorrow?”
- “How do we successfully scale up to deliver the promise efficiently going forward without jeopardising quality and service?”
- “When is the right time to recruit further?”

I’ll address the last question first. The answer is “Now - and then to keep reviewing continuously.” We have always recruited ahead of the curve - bringing new people on board and training them up in advance. Some people have questioned me whether this might be expensive. I always answer that it’s far better value than the alternative. We’ll keep you up to date as our team grows further.

The other questions are ongoing too - throughout we target progress not perfection. Because perfection is a dangerous illusion. This month for example is the first anniversary of our Software Migration Service which we announced back on 23 March 2018. And things have moved on significantly further still.

A key initiative has been to align our processes with PRINCE2 methodology - our Operations Manager Alex Briggs is now a certificated practitioner after embarking on further training. Together with Technical Manager Phil McGhee who brings with him decades of hard-won experience in the vending sector, they have led the drive to improve our project management further still, focusing first on implementations with new clients. This combined effort is important - because we want our processes to be both compliant with best practices wherever that adds value, and to deliver commercial returns for our customers early, and then on a sustainable ongoing basis.

We’ll be keeping you up to date both as our implementation services continue to improve and as PRINCE2 expands to influence additional aspects of our business. Meanwhile if you would like to check back on some key milestones back along the way, you’ll find more information on the links below:

Published 25th March 2019

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