SB Software under Lockdown

SB Software under Lockdown

And Still Fully Open for Business (Plus Everything from Baby Fashion to Sim Rigs)

Right now, with the lockdown to counter the spread of C-19, all of our team are homebased, and some of us are on furlough. So we are making sure we all stay in touch - we are well placed to use today’s technology to full advantage.

We have long been adept at long-distance interaction with clients, including remote access. Colleagues still on duty also make sure that we keep everyone here informed about key events, as well as the day-to-day: we have a WhatsApp Group called “Full Crew” that makes it simple and efficient to share updates (the whole SBS team is subscribed):

• So for example, Tom our Head of Customer Support updates everyone on what’s going on across the accounts, including likely implications across the board for our future work.

• Simon, our MD, provides overviews of business activity, and how we are being impacted as a company ourselves: to date things are in line with our forecasts.

• Any of us can call on the full team easily and efficiently to help out on a specific work challenge, knowing that issues will be picked up and logged.

• On a purely practical level, anyone dropping into the office (for, say a routine hardware issue) gives everyone else a heads-up in case they also want something doing on the same visit (and yes, we did remember to empty the milk from the fridge back at the beginning).

The same channel is also open for less formal communication, on a one-to-all basis, as individual contributors choose.

And that’s how we all know:

Sunsets in East Ayrshire, where Phil (Technical Manager) is on lockdown, are more dramatic than what the rest of us are getting down south.

Tim (Head of Mobile) can also design and build impressive sim rigs, as well as impressive vending solutions.

Paul’s (from Customer Support) daughter Freya (now 9 months old) is finally wearing that dress we all bought her as a gift when she was born.

Of course, some people love sharing information like this - it helps them to stay “connected," while others hate it. And most are already sharing banter and photos amongst other smaller groups (within or outside the company) anyway.

So, some use the social aspects of “Full Crew” more than others. But that is not the main point. We all know that if/when any of us does need/want to communicate one-to-all, the channel is there already - and open, and active.

Published 19th May 2020

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