Refreshment Systems Ltd Rolls Out Vendmanager

Refreshment Systems Ltd Rolls Out Vendmanager

With more than half a century of successfully bringing innovative and fresh solutions to a range of industries, Refreshment Systems Ltd offers nationwide coverage, from headquarters in Bradford.

Now the company has rolled out Vendmanager across the whole of its vending business. The deployment has included a Vendmanager Datakey for each of the operators from day one, to save time and improve efficiency. Vendmanager Databridge telemetry units have also been installed in a number of locations and there are plans to add further Databridge units wherever they add most value - bringing vending machines online for effective monitoring, and making it easier to service units efficiently with just a single walk.

Owner Alistair Balmforth, who has been at the helm of Refreshment Systems Ltd since 2006, explains: “We keep a pledge at the centre of everything we do, and that is to continue pioneering innovative solutions - for everyone’s benefit especially our own customers. This is just the latest example of that pledge in action.”

Published 26th March 2019

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