Recruiting Ahead of the Curve. Again.

Recruiting Ahead of the Curve. Again.

Cerith Morgan-Jones brings 15 years’ experience and expertise in customer service.

Our newest colleague, Cerith Morgan-Jones, has now joined our customer support team.

With 15 years’ experience in customer service from sectors spanning finance, insurance, banking and the Government’s Home Office, Cerith brings a wealth of expertise in best practice: “A good day for me is when I go home knowing that I have been able to resolve customers’ problems. Fully. So they can do what they want to do. I always find that it’s key to listen hard from the outset. How else can we truly understand what needs sorting? And at the end, I always check that we’ve fixed things just how they wanted. Or better.”

At SBS, we will be looking forward to combining the fruits of Cerith’s experience and expertise in larger companies with the good things we have put in place so far already - for the sake of our customers.

We are still proud of winning the Vendie for Best Customer Service. But that doesn’t mean sitting back on what we have achieved. Our mindset is quite the opposite - we are always motivated to find the next best way to improve, within the commercial frame in which we

It will never end.

It shouldn’t.

Published 26th April 2019

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