Quench.me.uk Signs up for Vendmanager from SB Software as Vending Management System (VMS).

Quench.me.uk Signs up for Vendmanager from SB Software as Vending Management System (VMS).

Headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Quench (quench.me.uk) operate in London and the surrounding areas. With over 38 years’ experience, and a client base that includes prestige organisations and household names, Quench provides a personal vending service which is both cost effective and efficient - as witnessed by the testimonials on the website.

“We have been growing especially fast of late,” explains Terry Ride, MD of Quench.me.uk, “and that’s a key reason for signing with Vendmanager now. As we grow still further, we are fully committed to doing even more - even better - with the same people, in the same amount of time. We are also highly focused on absolute visibility to underpin our decision making - all while maintaining or improving the customer service that has brought us so far since 1979.”

Vendmanager will be tasked with supporting key roles and functions within the Quench.me.uk organisation, including:
- operators; calculating stock systematically in advance and visiting more sites
- warehouse management; handling stock efficiently and meticulously
- administration; streamlining accurate timely data management and comprehensive reporting.

Terry Ride is looking forward to putting Vendmanager to work: “As MD I will still be scrutinising the data. Analysing the reports. Just try stopping me! But I will know that Vendmanager underwrites efficient accurate vending management. I want to be focusing my time and energy on the areas where I can add most value - keenly informed by the output of the Vendmanager system. I want our people to have the best tools there are to help them do the best job they can. Every day. Why? Because everything feeds into doing the best for our clients, and for their customers too. That goes for our core business, for the role we play as part of RefreshU providing top class national cover, and for important initiatives like healthy vending. Vendmanager will touch every aspect of our business.”

Simon Black, MD of SB Software adds: “We are extremely proud that Quench.me.uk has chosen Vendmanager to support their key objectives. And it has been a long, rigorous evaluation: two years in total. Now we just want to get to work - rolling out as fast as we can. Harnessing data. Delivering concrete commercial returns. Quench.me.uk are passionate about quality coffee and excellent service. And we are passionate about doing our bit - through software and data - to support their mission.”

Published 28th November 2017

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