PG Group Signs Contract with SB Software for Vendmanager including Telemetry

PG Group Signs Contract with SB Software for Vendmanager including Telemetry

In the warehouse at PG Group. Left to Right: Avril Elson (CEO) and Malcolm Gough (Systems & Reporting Manager) from PG Group, and Simon Black (MD, SB Software.)

PG Group, the vending operator known for working in partnership with prestigious brands in premium locations throughout the UK, has contracted with SB Software, the makers of Vendmanager, to operate across their machine estate.

Several hundred PG Group machines have been fitted with SBS Databridge telemetry units, and have been rolled out since October 2016. Where additional cashless functionality is required, Nayax units are being integrated into Vendmanager - to provide a full seamless overview of each client’s estate.

Avril Elson, CEO of PG Group, commented: “Vendmanager has been effective from day one. At PG Group we pride ourselves in partnering with premium brands, and working with blue chip clients including Merlin Group and Premier Inns, and the airports at London Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton. The addition of Vendmanager helps us to go further still. The last 18 months have been huge for us - through controlled growth. I don’t expect the next 18 months to be any quieter, so anything that gives us more control - through visibility - is welcome.”

Malcolm Gough, Systems & Reporting Manager at PG Group, expanded: “With Vendmanager I have absolute confidence in the data that is produced. I know I have the ability to drill down whenever or wherever I need to, in as much detail as I want. We can focus on specific elements of the business, from planogram to route, to warehouse. We are increasing visibility, while improving customer service and efficiency. And this enhances profitability for all.”

Simon Black, MD at SB Software, the Makers Of Vendmanager and Databridge, added: “PG staff are using Vendmanager to run a tight ship. Databridge telemetry brings added advantages with increased visibility of accurate up to date data. We have been delighted with the positive responses we have received from across the board at PG. I overheard an operator at Gatwick saying “I’m loving this” because Vendmanager and Databridge make his job faster and easier - and these benefits are mirrored across the business. We are so confident of the long term value to our partners and clients that we are supplying Databridge with no upfront cost for the hardware: like PG we are in this for the long run.”

Databridge is designed and marketed exclusively by SB Software, and is available now for implementation anywhere. The hardware is manufactured in the UK.

Published 14th December 2016

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