Open integration - at the heart of who we are. Key to what we do.

Open integration - at the heart of who we are. Key to what we do.

Adam Wellings, Senior Developer. Integration is not a bolt-on. It is core.

We wholeheartedly believe in giving clients choice - the open freedom to decide how best to use what we have helped them to build.

We supply tools to assist operators in running their business: improving profitability, visibility, efficiency and customer service. Our clients decide how best to deploy those tools (although we are always on hand if they want to evaluate options, or draw upon our experiences elsewhere).

A core manifestation of this is that interoperability is very high on our list of priorities, and integrations to date have already spanned accounting, stock control, warehousing, courier dispatch, CRM, e-commerce, and payment systems.

Integration for us is not just an afterthought. It’s not a bolt-on. It is core: Adam Wellings, one of our senior developers is dedicated to putting integration front and centre - he is our Mister Integration.

We adapt to what clients do already, AND give them flexibility to change in the future, as and when they wish. A key option here is the freedom to “choose not to choose just now," in the comfort that should you ever want to make a change later there will be a wide range of options open to you in the future, and transition will be:

- low-pain
- low-stress
- low-risk
- low-effort.

You can think of it as the diametric opposite of “lockdown”.

Our goal is to provide choices. The best choices for our clients. Both today AND tomorrow.

Because that is where the future lies. In the parts that we do ourselves, we are the best there is. And in accepting inputs or providing outputs, we are as open as possible, throughout. It’s that simple. We like it that way. And so do our clients.

Published 29th May 2019

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