Office Coffee Management System: 5 Ways We Can Revolutionise Yours

Office Coffee Management System: 5 Ways We Can Revolutionise Yours

Here are 5 Ways that Coffeemanager from SB Software can revolutionise your office coffee management system.


1. Management of your Assets

Your office coffee management system should record all your machines: leased, owned, free on loan, etc. And be able to record and report on machine installs, removals and re-siting. Ideally, you have a fixed asset register, with depreciation rates built-in, which allows you to look at site profitability, including the cost and depreciation of the machine(s) involved. Whether you use straight-line depreciation or reducing balance, our office coffee management system can calculate the depreciation of your assets and include this within your profitability reports.


2. Delivery of Great Service/Engineer Functionality

Servicing machines is of the utmost importance to our management system. Setting KPIs against visit times, revisit times and time to complete a call are a given with Coffeemanager. These metrics are easily viewed by department heads on a colour coded dashboard module to ensure that your team can act efficiently. Reports can highlight machines that require proactive maintenance before the machine develops longer-term issues. Engineers can order parts, complete jobs on-site on Coffeemanager Mobile and obtain the customer’s signature for invoicing.

3. Effective Wholesale Management

Our wholesale function works seamlessly from receiving the order to the invoice. All wholesale orders can transfer between employees by drag-and-drop: keeping an eye on your employees’ workloads to ensure they do not exceed their allocated work hours. Coffeemanager allows you to have multiple wholesale order price schemes or a blanket mark-up percentage. You can construct outbound calling lists and create orders easily from inbound calls. Multiple warehouse operators can pick orders that are awaiting picking, through paperless ordering processing right up to the invoice.


4. Integrations

Cashless and contactless is forecast to become more critical in the future in the office coffee systems market. Our system integrates with the leading cashless providers and can reconcile cash and cashless sales to each machine. It doesn’t stop with cashless providers either, our office coffee management system integrates with the leading accounting systems, E-commerce API’s and is always combining with the industry’s latest trends.


5. Reports

Reports must be customisable and consolidate data from many sources in our office coffee management system. However, our reports are adaptable and powerful with the combinations of data they can provide. Profitability reports are available by site, customer, machine, including service and machine depreciation costs versus the revenue. Reports include ingredients orders per month per customer, so you can see immediately where your customers are who are not placing orders. So, suppose your Office Coffee Management System does everything we have described above. In that case, you are probably like Fenella Morton, GM of Morbeans, when she says: ”Morbeans have been using Coffeemanager to run our business for nearly ten years. It has been invaluable to have asset management, service calls, ingredient sales, invoicing and reports all within one integrated office coffee management system.”

Where Can You Find All These Features?

These are just five key features of a office coffee management system, but there are many more. If you like what you have read so far and want to know more, we would be more than happy to chat with you about our office coffee management system and the other features it could deliver for you.