Nova Market Kiosk

Nova Market is the cashless self-checkout solution, that is ideal for micromarkets and other self-serve businesses.

It’s easy to use, powerful and fast.


And it’s exceptional value (both for initial kitting out and for ongoing transaction fees).

Nayax Nova Market. Key Benefits at a Glance.

For consumers:

Fast and intuitive checkout

Products pictured on-screen

Select, search or scan products

Intuitive interface for a smooth buying experience

Pay with whatever preferred payment method

For merchants:

Sell more items per transaction

Offer more products at a range of price points

Build and edit product catalogues easily

Meal deals and loyalty cards

Access comprehensive reports and receive instant alerts

Integrates with security cameras

Stock ordering

For everyone:

Hassle-free: easy to install, manage and use

Flexible and scalable - from single standalone unit to large estates

Integrates fully with Vendmanager and Coffeemanager from SBS

Lockable fridge option

Accepts all cashless payments

Nayax Hardware. SB Software Support.

The Nova Market kiosk is made by Nayax – the global player successfully active in 65+ countries.


The hardware and functionality here are already proven successful elsewhere in the world – tried and tested in real market conditions, and for micromarkets especially.


This is a powerful self-checkout kiosk.


The Nova Market solution is fast and easy – it’s simple for consumers to use, cutting waiting times to a minimum.


It’s fully featured for operators, merchants and everyone – maximising returns and efficiency across the estate.


And it’s available here – across the UK and Ireland – now. At exceptional value (both for initial kitting out and for ongoing transaction fees – the lowest in the market).


Only from SB Software.

So when are we getting started?

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