New Year? New Implementation. New Integration. The First in Europe.

New Year? New Implementation. New Integration. The First in Europe.

This was an integration unlike any other. To date.

This was the first of its kind not just in the UK, but anywhere in Europe. Putting the FastTrack system from USA-based LightSpeed Automation to work for our long-standing clients Express Vending, headquartered in Hemel Hempstead.

How did it go? At the speed of light? Almost. It felt like that anyway.

It was right at the end of last year, December 2017, that Vending International first quoted me talking about LightSpeed. Now here we are, just a month later. January 2018 and it’s job done. Our first integration of LightSpeed with our very own Vendmanager is complete and operational. Running smoothly. Linking everything together. Seamlessly.

LightSpeed FastTrack is a powerful pick-to-light system that allows for high speed order processing. At SBS we can see the key benefits, quantified by hard data, for three types of picking:

• individual box/crate for a specific vending machine (also especially suited for visit on demand)
• traditional bulk issues for vans
• individual wholesale orders.

SB Software and Express Vending

The Christmas break proved the best opportunity to get the integration done. For Express it is a relatively quiet time. But this is Express remember, so the word “relatively” must be emphasised. Winners of four Vendies in 2017, including Best Operator of the Year, It’s always busy there.

Thank you to Express and to everyone involved on the project for giving us the opportunity to work successfully on this first implementation ever in Europe. It’s great to see such tangible benefits being delivered for our clients. That’s why we are in business - to make things simply better for them.

The experience with LightSpeed Automation was extremely positive too - our thanks to CEO Randy Smith and the full team based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The co-operation between our teams could not have gone smoother, and with the time difference of five hours we even had the chance to “stretch the working day” passing tasks like a baton in a relay race. Simple and efficient: we liked that, too.

Visit LightSpeed Automation here and Express Vending here.

Published 18th January 2018

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