Millsons Vending Signs with Vendmanager - after 100 Years!

Millsons Vending Signs with Vendmanager - after 100 Years!

Proud to be continuing the successful family tradition. Owner-manager Hugh Millson with the “next generation”: Fergus (left) and Oliver (right).

“We have had customers for more than 40 years, and most of our business comes from referrals” explains owner-manager Hugh Millson. General manager Oliver Millson (a member of that “next generation”) adds: “We’ve earned loyalty through understanding and meeting our customers' needs, and by providing excellent, tailored service and support – year in, year out.”

So, how to build further on such a successful foundation? The key is to invest in the future to develop still further (not just preserve) the values and principles that have already brought the company so far - to the benefit of their clients.

And that’s where Vendmanager from SBS comes in, putting data hard to work to improve efficiency and service yet further, with a particular focus on the data available via payment systems. Simon Black, MD of SBS, explains: “Data is at the heart of everything we do. And efficiency is one of the core benefits we are demonstrated to deliver - alongside visibility, profitability and customer service.”

“I am very excited to be just starting out on my own career in vending, and already I can see the need for this technology,” adds Supervisor Fergus Millson, the newest member of the family to be taking up the reins. “It will help us really drill down to what customers want - and need. Me? I’m looking forwards - to the next 100 years!”

The rapid increase in payment systems across the sector is proving especially powerful as a vehicle for improving performance on multiple fronts across the machine park. Not only do operators see an upswing in revenue (with additional customers spending more per visit on average), but also the increase in quantity and quality of data supports more informed decision making. Managers and owners now have better information sooner, to assist them in delivering their priorities. And each employee is able to deliver more within the time available, to the advantage of all.

“We are looking forward to seeing Millson’s and their clients reap the benefits of the best vending management system there is,” adds Simon, “and we are both proud and delighted that they have switched to Vendmanager to support them. After all, their own family name is on every one of their machines, and every one of their vans. They are trusting their hard-won reputation with us. We won’t let them down.”

Published 19th February 2019

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