Micromarkets are Booming!

Are you ready?

In the British Isles, consumers and employees alike are already adept with self-checkout in supermarkets, staff canteens and beyond. And the post-covid economy/environment will both accelerate the speed and increase the scale of implementations ahead.


Here at SB Software, we have longer experience with micromarkets than any other UK company. We were involved in the earliest implementations, working for/alongside vending clients extending their offering to embrace micromarkets as well – for the benefit of their own customers and end-consumers.


We helped with initial evaluation trials (always a good idea!), and at every stage that follows in the ramp-ups from pilot sites to larger (up to nationwide) estates.

Today we offer more for the micromarket sector than ever before, including:

the Nayax Nova Market Kiosk - ideal for getting started or scaling up in micromarkets

fully featured integration of our own management systems to international standards for maximum compatibility, whatever kit you operate

So when are we getting started?

Future proof your business. Make it more visible, more efficient and more profitable. Cut costs, increase profitability and improve customer service across the board. Let’s take the first step today.