Meet Martin Olivant - Our New Technical Manager

Meet Martin Olivant - Our New Technical Manager

Martin Olivant arrives at SBS: “What do you get the company that already has a fantastic technical manager?” asks MD Simon Black. “Another one!”

Our company continues to grow, as more and more operators recognise the power of Vendmanager and come on board as clients. Thank you to everyone who is putting their faith in us to manage and improve their day-to-day business.

We hope that you are already familiar with our mantra that we “always recruit ahead of the curve.” It’s never easy, but we do our best to anticipate requirements going forward - and put priority resources (including the best people) in place in advance.

That’s why we are delighted to welcome Martin Olivant as our newest recruit. Technically, there’s no-one stronger. Martin will be getting out and about meeting and supporting existing clients right from day one. And for all the AVS members, there will be a chance to say hello at the upcoming conference in September. Martin will be joining our delegation next month: it’s the most efficient way for him to engage swiftly with this vital constituency of our client-base.

And no, Phil McGhee is not going anywhere, in case you are wondering. Not if we can help it. As Simon Black is quoted in Vending International: “What do you get the company that already has a fantastic technical manager? Another one!”

Each client will benefit from the dedicated focus of either Martin or Phil, day to day, and the two will join forces or swap roles on a case by case basis, where identified challenges call for additional specific skills. It’s win-win for everyone. We’ve also got a few “special op’s” lined up (exciting new initiatives to benefit clients) now that we have even greater technical depth on hand. More information will follow…

Meanwhile, here is the the announcement going out to our sector via the media:


Vendmanager appoints new technical manager


SB Software, the makers of Vendmanager, has appointed Martin Olivant to the role of technical manager.

With more than 27 years’ experience in vending, and most recently over 13 years at Express the market-leading operator, Martin has earned his reputation for “making things work” through his:
- technical excellence
- understanding of the market
- depth of experience.

His expertise spans the full UK machine park, and lately he has been heavily involved in the successful large scale rollout of micro-markets.

Martin joins SBS alongside long-serving technical manager Phil McGhee. “What do you get the company that already has a fantastic technical manager?” asks MD Simon Black. “Another one!”

Martin and Phil will be co-ordinating activities together to maximise customer benefits with:
- existing clients
- new implementations
- “special projects” to introduce step-change improvements.

“I like to be recognised as the person who gets things done, because that is what I enjoy most,” explains Martin. “I already have over 6 years’ in-depth experience of the Vendmanager software from the client perspective, and now I look forward to leveraging that, and getting things done for SBS and all their users.”

Published 22nd August 2019

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