It’s all a matter of time. And it’s YOUR time we’re talking about.

It’s all a matter of time.  And it’s YOUR time we’re talking about.

Simon Black, MD, SB Software, the Makers of Vendmanager as Featured in Vending International magazine.

Accelerating time

The saying that “time is money” rings true with vending operators - maybe even more so than for anyone else. With so much to be done every day to maintain sales and standards across routes, month-in, month-out, seizing any chance to shave minutes off recurring tasks will feed directly to the bottom line. This means that introducing new ways of saving time, or speeding things up, is always a good way to get and hold an operator’s attention. It’s as if minutes and hours become a hard currency in themselves.

Here at Vendmanager we like that. Because time is a currency that we are well-prepared to trade in. We have been saving time for our clients for a long while, allowing them to do more within the hours available. And this we can prove. Through measurement.

Keeping time

Time is relatively easy to measure. Once monitored at the outset, we can then track ongoing performance - as frequently as the business scenario merits, making it straightforward to quantify changes - and assign monetary values to the trends identified. At SBS we can prove through measurement that we are making things more efficient by leveraging technology (software, hardware and - evermore - integrations). We really are turning time into money.

Take Vendmanager Datakey for example, out in the field. This is our rugged work-tool, designed in-house, which allows operators to fill more machines per day, whilst improving accuracy and security. Datakey makes data-reading at the machine simple, fast and accurate. We know that Datakey speeds things up dramatically because we run time trials before and after it’s put in place. And we know how much those time savings are worth to our clients.

Vendmanager makes life simply better back in the office too. Take the Contract Review System (CRS). CRS turns days into hours, because everything that can be is automated. A simple click of a button generates a display of what to review, alongside options and a history of what you have done in the past. After review, Vendmanager automatically implements whatever actions have been decided and even creates the letters or emails to send to your clients as well. Simple! And fast!

Save Time with a Single Walk

Bending time

Of necessity, both Datakey and CRS do introduce changes in the way that things are done by operators. As well as accelerating activities to increase efficiency, these changes result in extra benefits - also improving visibility, customer service and profitability.

And sometimes the changes on hand are more fundamental than simply doing the same things faster. They introduce essentially different ways of working - if and when the benefits are justified in real life returns. Examples include:

• Single Walk (and even Visit-on-Demand): now, you can decide the best time to visit, and make a single walk every trip. Saving time. Cutting costs. Where the conditions are right you can even change from regular timed routes to visiting on-demand, as and when required.

• Pre-Packing (and even Pick-to-Light): now you can get everything ready before the van leaves the warehouse. Reducing costs overall, and dramatically cutting time on-site. Further integrations (deploying advanced technology such as Pick-to-Light) can even speed things up further still.

Changes like these are not only a race against time. It’s not just about doing the same things faster. It’s more like putting time to work for you. Bending time to your advantage. We like that.

In our work with the vending sector, we set out to achieve many improvements. And wherever we go, time is of the essence. When the time is right for you, we look forward to explaining and discussing further.

Published 21st February 2019

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