Instant Transparency, Total Control - Spa Vending

Instant Transparency, Total Control - Spa Vending

Operating from the banks of the River Ure in North Yorkshire, Spa Vending has a well-established reputation for vending services across the North of England, reaching to the Midlands, from Newcastle to Nottingham. Acquired in 2009 by vending specialist James Kears to run with his two sons, Spa Vending has seen extraordinary growth over the seven years since, and the operation continues to flourish, including rebranding/renaming Spa Vending to Kears.UK to reflect their expansion plans.
This success has soon outgrew the embedded cash and paper systems upon which the company had been based, prompting a quest for a fully integrated computerised alternative; “It was a continuous paper chase: paper and cash bags” said James. After asking around the industry Vendmanager from SB Software came top of the bill.”

“When the Vendmanager system was put in, there was not one single complaint” states James, “it speeded up the job, and…was a lot easier to use”. Integrating directly with Sage Accounting, Vendmanager instantly removed the need to double account, eliminated onerous data uploads and provided a sense of confidence. Beforehand, Spa “had no faith in the previous system. Data had to be taken from the cash counter, transferred onto a USB and then uploaded”. Vendmanager links directly to the cash counting machine, and tallies data against the bag number scanned by the operator, matching bags and highlighting any discrepancies automatically. The result? Instant transparency, total control.

See the full case study here.

Published 24th August 2016

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