Welcome to our your
new Vendmanager Help Centre

The Facts at your Fingertips.

The SBS Vendmanager Help Centre is Now Open. Yes, Now! It’s available online 24/7 (in full to every user, wherever you have access to Vendmanager itself).

What is it?

The Help Centre is an enormous compilation of knowledge and expertise on everything Vendmanager (spanning nearly 1000 topics already, and ever-growing). It can and will never be finished - that’s in its nature.

The contents are so comprehensive that we have drawn upon the prowess of every member of our company to make it possible.

It’s designed to help you:

  • achieve the results you already know that you want for your business (vending and/or OCS) - in ways that are better and/or faster

  • discover techniques, benefits, tips and tricks that you weren’t even aware of

  • improve effectiveness and efficiency across the board, by increasing skill levels throughout your company.

Always Fresh

Independent of the timings of Vendmanager releases, updates to the Help Centre will be made whenever required, and as often as it’s useful, so that it’s “never out of date.”

Current information, validated and consistent, is now on tap, whenever you most need it, wherever you want it.

Who built it? How?

Creating the Help Centre has been a truly collective effort - akin to an ensemble piece from a Hollywood studio, where the combined cast carry the show, not one individual superstar. We have specified, designed and created Vendmanager itself in-house, from the ground up, so all the information was readily on-hand across the company as a whole. But the detailed prowess in particular topics lay with specific individuals - the expert in their field.

Each and every one of those experts has played their part in building the Help Centre: a DNA test would reveal very mixed parentage. And in addition, as our Client Success Manager, Dan Varney has co-ordinated things, specifying the structure, applying lubricants or adhesives as necessary, and paying attention to consistency throughout.

Coming originally from a vending family, with long experience actually on the front line of the sector, Dan also brought the advantage of “poacher turned gamekeeper” (or the other way round, maybe?) Vending runs in his blood. As a result, the Help Centre presents information in the format that brings most benefit to the real-life needs in the field.

How/when/where do I get my hands on the Help Centre?

Right now: just click on Help in the Menu Bar within Vendmanager itself.

Vendmanager Help Centre: Find Out More Here