Earning the Right to Feel Proud

Earning the Right to Feel Proud

Vendmanager Datakey: delivering results for clients by transmitting data simply via Bluetooth between vending machine and mobile device - no cables, no fuss.

AT SBS we are proud when we achieve results for our clients.

That is the why of our endeavours - the reason we come to work each day.

And it stays so throughout - as our core objective.

The other key questions: how, when, where, and who are not permanently fixed: these are the arenas in which we strive continually to improve - in service of that core objective. We are always looking for ways to make things simply better.

Of course, we also work within the framework of “how much” too - because we are commercially focused. And that requires prioritisation. We can’t do everything at once, so what are we going to do right now? And then, what next after that?

Our success (or not) in achieving improvements decides whether or not we are earning the right to feel proud:

The list above is far from exhaustive - we live and breathe this stuff every day. Happily. So, there are plenty more examples on hand of how we are striving to be ever better.

Instead, it is representative of how we are growing - with pride - not just in terms of scale, but also against every criteria, including effectiveness, quality, efficiency and clarity. If you get the chance, we would love to expand further, and discuss the benefits - both for existing and potential customers - face to face.

Maybe you would even like to pop into our new office for a chat? We are not moving far - just down the road here in Sheffield. One of the consequences of our continuing growth is that we have simply outgrown the old premises. With recent recruitment - primarily in customer support of late - things had got a bit “intimate” at SBS.

The office move will also be a chance to:
- reorganise where our people sit and how they interact (both routinely and for specific projects/clients - we want to be flexible and responsive)
- host clients better (for example, for training)
- introduce some further new habits amongst our people (“working smarter” we like to call it).

We would love to welcome you on-site - if you get the chance.

Published 19th June 2019

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