Did You Know: The First Half Century!

Did You Know: The First Half Century!

 Vendmanager puts data to work in vending. Every day. Improving visibility, efficiency, profitability and customer service.

Each of our “Did You Knows (DYK’s)” encapsulates a feature and/or benefit of Vendmanager, to bring this to life through practical real-world examples. Maybe you too have that feeling sometimes that you “do not know what you do not know”? And that’s what we set out to address, in a format that is both brief and easily accessible.

We started in June 2017, with two “DYK’s” as we call them in-house appearing in each edition since of our monthly email newsletter. Fast forward to today, and we have just reached the first half century: DYK’s 49 & 50 are included in the June 2019 edition.

Back at the outset, we did not know how long we would continue. We even wondered whether we would “run out.” But it turns out that our challenge is the opposite. Vendmanager is so powerful, new functionality is being added at such a rate, and users are so keen to know more, that instead we debate where to focus each month.

Now, this collection:
- brings together the first 50 DYK’s in one place, for easy access
- makes it simple to search for a topic (that’s why it is a PDF - just use the search tools on your reader).

We hope that you find it useful. And as ever, if you want to know more, please get in touch.

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Published 19th June 2019

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