Decorum Vending Steps Aboard with Vendmanager!

Decorum Vending Steps Aboard with Vendmanager!

Decorum Vending is headquartered on the South Coast, in Christchurch Dorset, but their reach extends nationwide, and continues to grow apace. If you travel by rail especially, you’re likely to see their machines standing proud on the platform, in their smart distinctive livery, wherever you are.


That’s because Decorum have extensive knowledge of solutions aimed at the high footfall, public transport sector. And their statistical knowledge underpins solutions that target consumer demand and improve customer revenue.


With their footprint still on the increase, we are delighted that Vendmanager from SB Software will now be further harnessing data to provide Decorum with extra insights and support on the way ahead – across the country.


Declan Sewell, Managing Director at Decorum explains:


“We provide retail solutions at some of the highest footfall locations in the country offering a full range of snack, drinks, and convenience products, specially configured to our customer requirements.

As we continue to scale, Vendmanager will help us to maintain and improve efficiency, as well as underpinning the best-in-class merchandising that has brought us this far already, by ensuring that the right products are always available in the right places at the right time.”


Check out their website to see more about Decorum – and note the carousel of customer logos at the foot of the home screen. It’s like a Who’s Who of public transport. And now everyone at SB Software is proud to be playing our part in serving these consumers on the move with whatever they want or need.


We are looking forward to this “journey” together.


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