Datakey Update: Cutting Costs, Saving Time!

Datakey Update: Cutting Costs, Saving Time!

 This photo was taken on Tuesday 12 September 2017: the launch of Vendmanager Datakey on the first day of AVEX. Our team already knows the power of the data fob each is holding: you can see it in their faces. We had been working on the development for some time.

Now fast forward to today. Not yet 6 months later, and the results are in, with Datakey active at client sites.

Together, Vendmanager and Datakey can reduce operating costs by 15-20%, and significantly reduce reconciliation and invoicing times.

It’s one of the easiest products in the world to demonstrate and explain. Operators just “get it” at once: with Datakey, it’s faster than ever before to read data at the machine. Simply plug it in to transfer information via Bluetooth. No cables. No fuss. And no more keying errors.

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Datakey empowers staff to do more, better.

The key benefits of Datakey include:

1) Speeding up the replenishment process
2) Capturing accurate sales data by spiral
3) Capturing drinks readings where required
4) Eliminating user error on meter readings
5) Improving security by reading cashbox data.

… and all this is achieved at a very low cost per machine.

Now that the hard results are in from active use in the field we are ramping up production to rollout in increased volumes.

Just get in touch to find out more or book a demo.

Or click here to download a technical data sheet (PDF).

Published 14th February 2018

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