Data is Powerful and You Have to Use it to Your Advantage

Data is Powerful and You Have to Use it to Your Advantage

“Data is powerful and you have to use it to your advantage, it’s the biggest topic in vending” – Peter Wilson, Managing Director, Cambridge Vending.

Cambridge Vending are leading innovators in premium coffee and vending services throughout East Anglia and the Midlands. Operating on twin pillars of premium quality and dedicated support, Cambridge Vending have grown their reputation as a fully supported, operated vending service, successfully creating bespoke vending solutions for their clients.

By 2013, it had become clear that a fully integrated computerised system was required at Cambridge Vending in order to maintain first class service levels, at the same time as expanding their customer base. Following an intensive industry consultation, comparing and investigating all the major vending management systems, Cambridge Vending chose SB Software.

“It was obvious there was only one way to go” says Peter Wilson, Managing Director at Cambridge Vending. “The people from SB Software were honest about the strengths of their system. They were people we could work with”. It was not a decision taken lightly. Changing to a fully integrated vending management system is a “major undertaking, it must be right for the business, there must be a benefit”.

Those benefits were quick to appear.

See the full case study here.

Published 20th July 2016

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