CQUIN made simple!

CQUIN made simple!

 This is a selection from a real-life client report, created in Vendmanager and used in day-to-day business to manage the requirements of the CQUIN framework on an NHS campus. It has been anonymised:

It is not the most complex of reports. It is just very useful. And extremely efficient.

It lists Vendmanager assets (specific vending machines) individually and per site, here represented as colours. For each, the number and ratio of healthy brands is monitored, making it simple to keep the CQUIN information compliant — and up to date. Vendmanager makes it easy to manage both snacks and drinks — reporting against brand, litre-age or whatever.

With Vendmanager, reports like this are straightforward to create and maintain.

That’s because we see customisation as standard — for us, flexibility is routine.

So, when CQUIN required changes in operations, our customers told us that Vendmanager made things as easy as they could be. They liked that. And so did we.

We are always delighted when clients feed back how useful they find the flexibility of Vendmanager - especially the ease of customisation in functionality and reporting.

And right now that is more than paying dividends with the added demands of the CQUIN framework and the “sugar tax.” With Vendmanager it’s simple to meet the requirements of the legislation AND efficiently manage your machine park and product portfolio.

If you would like to know more — about CQUIN specifically, or customisation more generally, please get in touch.

Published 21st June 2018

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