Company Day, 5 June 2018: the First of Many…

Company Day, 5 June 2018: the First of Many…

Recently we contacted all our clients in advance to explain that our customer help-desk would be on reduced staff on Tuesday 5 June. This was not easy. We have never done it before - we are extremely proud of the responsive service we provide on tap 06.00 AM to 17.30 PM workdays. So what could have been so important for us to do this now? And yes, we will be doing it again (although all our staff were on hand throughout to respond to any emergencies if needed).

There were no go-karts.
There was no paint-balling.
We didn’t even go off-site.
Instead we spent an intense day together - all of us.

Lunch was simple and low cost (pizzas brought in) but delicious.
There was plenty of laughter, a few raised voices when things got intense, but no tears.

This was our “Company Day”.

The agenda included topics to improve:
- communication both externally and internally
- service (for example with more efficient account management)
- training and resource management
- development, such as efficient feature prioritisation.

Throughout, action points were noted clearly and simply (what/who/when) - each with a designated team assigned to follow up, co-ordinated by a nominated leader. Now, the working groups are already in action.

One of the key decisions we made was that this will be followed by another such day - and continued as long as it proves useful. As well as helping our clients to be “simply better," we are committed to ongoing development as a company ourselves.

Published 15th June 2018

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