Bring all your tasks into one management system. It’s time to take full control. Knowing that everything is integrated – all in one place.

Coffeemanager is the management system that does all an office coffee supplier needs day to day. With comprehensive features and functionality that are unparalleled anywhere, and the best reporting that there is throughout. Since everything is contained within one seamless environment, it’s fast and easy to use.

Why Coffeemanager and key features…

Manage your assets, service calls, and ingredient sales in one integrated management system! Use whatever you need today. And when you want to take office coffee management even further, everything is ready, just one click away:


  • Configurable by user/user group
  • Live display of field activity
  • Custom reports/graphs
  • Mapping
  • Animation


  • Purchase ordering wizard
  • Weighted average costing
  • Emailing of orders

Stock Control

  • Warehouse stock control
  • Warehouse order/issue picking system
  • Parts stock control

Asset Management

  • Machine stock control
  • Machine installs/removals
  • Fixed asset register/depreciation


  • Flexible price schemes
  • Outbound call scheduling
  • Order creation from template
  • Standing orders
  • Delivery planning
  • Auto routing of deliveries
  • Electronic POD (Coffeemanager Mobile)
  • Price list emailing


  • Breakdowns
  • Planned maintenance
  • Filter scheduling: time or vends
  • Auto routing
  • Electronic signature capture


  • Custom questionnaires
  • Processed via Coffeemanager Mobile


  • Recurring charges
  • Wholesale
  • Chargeable service jobs
  • Server based emailing

Custom Fields

  • Custom fields against main entities
  • Field typing and look-ups
  • Data automatically available on reports


  • Customisable content/layout
  • Selective colours
  • Exception reporting
  • Graphs/charts
  • Report batching & scheduling
  • Report emailing
  • Export to PDF/Excel


  • Accounting systems
  • Leading payment systems
  • E-commerce API
  • Courier dispatch


  • Menu access control
  • Individual field/tab access control
  • Data access control

See everything about your business in the way that’s best for you.

Take full control, automating wherever you want. Know where everything is, and save money. Cut your stockholding and improve cashflow. And run your business better and better, using data to full effect. With visibility comes informed control and efficient management, saving time and money across your activities.


Make routine or unscheduled maintenance run smoothly and efficiently. It’s easy to collect information from clients and users, then process it efficiently within Coffeemanager itself. Take the hassle out of invoicing. Let Coffeemanager take all the strain – reliably and efficiently.

Not just ANY Coffeemanager, this is YOUR Coffeemanager. Just the way you want it!

Know exactly what’s going on. Our in-built reports are the best there is. And when you have enquiries specific to your business, it’s easy to craft custom analysis. No-one makes your data work harder, whether within Coffeemanager itself or co-ordinating and interfacing externally. And we’ll make things as safe and secure as they can be, controlling access in the way that’s right for you.


Use Coffeemanager to take full control of your office coffee business and make everything more visible, more efficient and more profitable. It’s the best office coffee management software there is. And make your own clients even happier than they are already.

Coffeemanager Mobile

With Coffeemanager Mobile, you can deploy the benefits of Coffeemanager, wherever you are, via your mobile device.

Coffeemanager Warehouse

Coffeemanager Warehouse streamlines and adds tighter control to a warehouse operative’s day-to-day tasks.

Coffeemanager Databridge

Databridge links via a SIM to Coffeemanager, harnessing remotely the power of the best management system.

Service and Wholesale

Take control, and improve efficiency, across your business. Integrate everything with Coffeemanager.

So when are we getting started?

Future proof your business. Make it more visible, more efficient and more profitable. Cut costs, increase profitability and improve customer service across the board. Let’s take the first step today.