Choices: Vendmanager gives you more than anyone else.

Choices: Vendmanager gives you more than anyone else.

Look at the two targets above, A and B.

They look very different. But they both comprise the same colours.

Using each colour to represent key benefits of Vendmanager, dark blue illustrates Simon’s natural (instinctive even) perspective. He is our MD, so we awarded him the bullseye on the first target (watch and learn)! We’ll give you a clue: dark blue is all about data. And nothing else.

Light blue is Robin - our head of business development. Jed is the man in purple - he does marketing. And red runs throughout our company - like that message inside the stick of rock that you buy at the seaside.

So which target is right?

Target "A"

Let’s start with target A. And work out from the centre.


Simon Black is our MD - his favourite topic - his “natural suit” is data. That’s what he “likes” to talk about most - because he is so committed to its value. Or the value that operators are missing if they fail to put good - rich - data hard to work.

After all, he is a software engineer - a “data architect” - by both calling and vocation. Today, Vendmanager is by necessity a team effort, calling on diverse contributions across the company. But he was the one who first worked solo at the code face to bring the product into the world - to start making vending simply better.

If you gave him free choice, he would place data at the bullseye - because he sees it as the epicentre of all we do. And emphasises that without it, the “prospects of worthwhile improvement are poor”.


In the course of his first month with SBS, Robin Turver (head of business development) specified his requirements for additional schematics. With concrete benefits. To supplement our existing promotional materials, and underpin the plans for the sales growth that we were targeting.

Robin especially values quantifiable improvements, proven to have been delivered in the real world. In a genuine commercial environment, not just on a test bench. Under the live fire of a true working business. At a “real operator”.

Examples include:
- reducing operating costs by 10 - 20%
- increasing snack sales by 10% or more
- cutting stockholding by up to 20%
- decreasing shrinkage to negligible levels
- filling more machines per operator (% improvements targeted case by case).

With his feet firmly rooted in the “real commercial world," Robin values “Simon’s” data, and values even more what it can do for “his” prospects and clients.


If you give Jed (marketing) a detailed text brief, or a long interview, or an exhaustive spreadsheet to illustrate priorities at Vendmanager, he will typically come back with a graphic.

So, here it is:

This is the environment in which we operate. It is the context in which “Robin’s” % improvements are delivered. It is the arena in which “Simon’s” data is put to work.

It is also the “wallpaper” that we stand in front of at exhibitions and events. This is where we belong. It’s our “turf”.

Everyone at SBS

The back of every SBS business card carries the same message, writ bold:

Simply better for:
- visibility
- efficiency
- profitability
- customer service.

The same message appears on the wall of the office where we sit together. And the same message features prominently throughout the content made available to external audiences including media, clients and prospects.

The four bullet points are each vital - for clients and for ourselves. The “simply better” is also key, making it easy for customers to benefit.

This is in our DNA. It’s key to the reason we come to work each day. It’s integral to us - and the red outer ring applies to everything within.

Target "B"

The arguments above explaining Target “A” are so strong - everything fits together so well - that it may be a surprise that Target “B” stands up just as well.

Using the same definitions and colour coding as previously, and working out from the centre:

Everyone at SBS has this DNA: this is who we are - we care.

We choose to operate in this environment where we add most value.

We can show you concrete proof of that value to real clients.

And to do this we need and manage the best data there is.

So, the answer is that both targets are equally valid.

It all depends on your point of view, your priorities and your perspective.

And those may all change over time. Just like other arenas in life. So, clients need (and deserve) the flexibilty to do what is right today, and something different 12 months from now.

Vendmanager provides the tools, underwriting accuracy, functionality and ease-of-use, and allowing clients to choose their priorities.

The choice of what they do with the tools is up to them - with one vital caveat.

The “V” Word

To put things bluntly, Vendmanager always needs to pay its way.

It must (and does, we sincerely believe, based on hard evidence) generate more income (through efficiency and improved decision-making for example) than it costs operators. Every single month.

So, our two targets are both valid - as long as they exist within this frame.

That’s part of being the best VMS (Vending Management System) there is:

Vendmanager: providing choices today and tomorrow - (A) or (B) for example. Delivering value (V) always.

Published 26th July 2019

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