Case Study
Capital Vending

Benefits of new Vendmanager system more than repay Capital’s outlay.


A combination of existing unsuitable software and continued business growth meant that Livingston-based Capital Vending had a big decision to make in 2013 regarding the purchase of a new system that would really deliver exactly what they required.

“In 2006 my late father acquired Capital Drinks – which had been trading since 1981 and, as he had a background in the photocopier sector, he introduced a software system from there too,” says Robyn Bridges, Capital Vending’s business development director. “We used it for years, but it never really worked for us and took up lots of administration time. So, when we acquired Osprey Vending in December 2013, moved to larger premises, expanded the business and grew our workforce to over 45 people, we knew we had to update to a bespoke software system that could do exactly what we needed, look after both our depot’s operations, make our processes far more efficient and integrate with our Sage accounts system.”

Sb Soft Help Capital Get Results

With such a big decision to make, Robyn and the other directors decided to take their time and find out what software was available in order to make sure they purchased a system that was just right for their needs.

“We looked at what SB Software had to offer first of all and, in truth, were blown away; we thought that their Vendmanager system was amazing,” explains Robyn.

“It’s incredible just what can be achieved, from custom reports to cash collection and route planning – it’s all effortless and has made a great difference to our operations."

“All of our team feel really comfortable using the new system and are pushing the boundaries with it by creating their own custom reports that contain precisely the information they need; we have designed our own bar code that we use over and over and has resulted in much quicker cash collection times; we can now very easily reallocate sites to other members of the team if someone is unavailable; the service reports and use of handhelds makes parts of our operation seamless and provides customers with full reporting; and we really like the ‘map that route’ feature, which provides suggested routes to take, saving us quite a lot of money in both time and fuel costs.”

Apart from being extremely happy with the capabilities of the software system and the business benefits it has brought, Robyn is also satisfied with SB in terms of support and service too:

“We’d been let down in the past in terms of response times and reporting, and didn’t want to spend six months or so choosing a new supplier just to end up in the same situation. We needn’t have worried though, as SB’s service levels are brilliant. From the start they not only took the time to understand how our company operated, but adapted certain aspects of the system in order to accommodate this. Tom is superb and will deal with problems on the phone straight away, and if he can’t sort something out he will go away and find the solution, then come back to us in no time. As part of the contract, all of our staff receive ongoing training to make sure their skills are up to date and ensure they are getting the best out of the Vendmanager system’s features, attributes and benefits. Overall, I know that we made a very good choice.”

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