Café Couture Sign with Vendmanager

Café Couture Sign with Vendmanager

Café Couture, a leading supplier of coffee solutions to offices, hospitals and leisure centres — along with its sister brand, Healthy World Vending - are pleased to announce that they have chosen Vendmanager as the company’s IT solution, to manage all aspects of the business during their current rapid expansion programme and beyond.
“We supply a variety of Coffee, Healthy Drink and Healthy Snack solutions to a wide variety of clients. As such we needed a system which is flexible, expandable and able to cope with a multitude of different scenarios,” says Matthew Schmidt, business development manager for all brands. “Our current portfolio is expanding primarily within NHS hospitals and corporates across the South-East. We are working with some of the largest client service companies in the UK, and as such need to be able to supply regular and accurate data for all.”
Café Couture supplies state of the art Bean to Cup Coffee machines manufactured in the UK and Germany, along with its own Italian style coffee brand. Healthy World provides Healthy Hydration stations and Healthy Snack solutions, all conforming to NHS CQUIN guidelines.

Cafe Couture Machines

Matthew continues: “The end customer nowadays demands a high quality fresh cup of coffee. We are competing with a multitude of high street chains. Everyone is aware of the movement to healthier snacks and drinks: we believe we are at the forefront in both areas and that there is a synergy between the two. Our client base includes OCS, Places for People, major hospitals and the BAFTA Club - and they all recognise this. In addition to the best products we have to ensure that the back office systems and the service to the client are the best they can be — hence the decision to implement Vendmanager across the brands.”

Simon Black, MD of SB Software the makers of Vendmanager, added: “We are looking forward to supporting Café Couture and their portfolio of brands both in rapid growth, and in their day-to-day operations. They understand the business potential of data, and it is our responsibility to turn that potential into reality. That’s our job.”

Published 17th April 2018

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