Behind the Scenes at Vendex Midlands 2018

Behind the Scenes at Vendex Midlands 2018

08.30 Tuesday 24th April 2018. Robin (L: Business Development) and Phil (Technical) from SB Software are smiling. Again.

Why? Because it’s Vendex Midlands and our new Vendmanager stand is ready. The full wall schematic backdrop illustrates the benefits of Vendmanager, explaining how SB Software helps clients to be “Simply Better.”

There will be plenty more smiles and laughter on the stand throughout the day. From SBS wIth visitors (Simon, R: MD) ….

And from clients.

Across the board. We always try to enjoy our work.

From SB Software there will also be a lot of listening.

Listening - and really hearing - is how we understand vending objectives ever better.

And how we assess the key priorities for our sector. The genuine needs.

To provide effective new solutions. Including Datakey, as showcased live at Vendex.

With its very own demonstrator - a functional miniaturised vending machine - to bring our background schematic to life. In real time.

Datakey transfers data wirelessly from vending machine to Vendmanager on a smartphone via Bluetooth. No cables, no hassle, no delays. Simply better.

We tried to explain all the benefits…

…step by step in detail.

But we didn’t really need to. Visitors just wanted to get their hands on it, and try it out for themselves. To see the reality in action.

It’s like that with Datakey.
Everyone just seems to “get it” at once. It’s as if they’ve seen the writing on the wall.

Leaving Robin with the challenge of co-ordinating the follow-up sheets against his hectic golf schedule.
If you missed us at Vendex, and want to help us keep Robin off the links even longer, just get in touch any time.
We’d love to help you run things “simply better.” Even better than you do already.

Published 18th May 2018

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