B&B Vending Signs on With Vendmanager

B&B Vending Signs on With Vendmanager

SB Software is proud to announce its recent dealings with Stoke-on-Trent based B&B Vending. A family-run business since 1969, B&B Vending services businesses, schools, colleges, universities, pubs and cafes. The company recently got its first taste of Vendmanager upon acquisition of Crown Cup, a smaller vending company that had been using the software.

SB Software’s Vendmanager aims to make the process of providing on-the-go food, drinks and snacks more efficient, less expensive, and far simpler. Upon testing the software, B&B Vending discovered the benefits of using Vendmanager. From providing detailed and accurate stock information to seamlessly integrating with Sage (B&B Vending’s choice of accounting software), the company decided to continue on using Vendmanager.

B&B Vending has been using the software for over 6 months, and according to James Boyd at B&B Vending, “We were immediately impressed with the system…[it] makes running this type of business much easier, especially when we carry hundreds of consumables for vending machines and the wholesale division.”

Currently, B&B Vending is looking towards using the software’s telemetry capabilities, which will continue to save both money and time on their operations.

SB Software’s Vendmanager is a powerful tool in the vending industry, proven to optimise the way vending management is run. For more information on the software, view the full story here.

Published 27th January 2016

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