Automated Fleet Routing (AFR) – Report from the Front Line

Automated Fleet Routing (AFR) – Report from the Front Line

The Best Routing Possible – Always on Tap


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“However Good Traditional Static Routes are – However up to Date – AFR from SBS is Better.” Simon Black, Managing Director, SB Software.

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Scott Morgan, MD Nutrivend in the warehouse: “AFR is easy to use and effective. It’s quicker to plan and allocate.”

The Best Routing - Even If Key Staff Are Away.


AFR draws on the detailed information managed in Vendmanager across your whole estate. With precise data on tap for every single machine, it first calculates which of them should be visited. It then calls on supplementary criteria (people available, hours, start/end locations, holidays, specific priorities set by you, and so on) to analyse and decide the best set of routes for each vehicle across your whole fleet, with route maps and schedules for each van/driver.


This sets AFR above other approaches to dynamic routing because it is machine-led, recognising and prioritising the exact needs of each. Right now. You can’t get any more tailored and up to date than that.


AFR gives you the best routing. It’s ever on hand, even when specialist staff are away. And it’s so fast that you are free to run “what if” scenarios at ease. 

AFR – Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automates routing for vending, service & wholesale tasks, with a time specified for each.
  • Takes start/end locations into account.
  • Configurable working hours/overtime.
  • Customisable task prioritisation.
  • Recognises site opening hours and SLA’s.
  • Automatically adjusts for available staff (and skill levels).
  • Can be updated throughout the day, as service events are added.
  • Optimised routing, on tap all day, every single day, at the click of a button! Or at your preferred time.

Automated Fleet Routing (AFR) in action. 

Scott Morgan, Owner and MD of Nutrivend – the fastest growing sports nutrition distributor in the UK – reports on their experience with AFR live in the field.


AFR at Nutrivend:

“With our business covering the whole of the UK, routing is critical to our operational success. AFR prioritises jobs and routes very well, and it is simple to use. It’s a good addition to the Vendmanager system. The SB Software team have built a clever algorithm that works well. We have every trust in the team at SBS, and activated AFR as soon as it became available.” 


Getting Started:

“When we began with AFR, things were easy from the start and everything went smoothly. It worked straight out of the box. The team at SBS were on hand to provide guidance if needed, but it wasn’t necessary.”


Key Benefits:

“Now that we are up and running, the system is proving easy to use and effective. It improves planning efficiency and saves the team office hours. AFR is quicker to plan and allocate – and less complicated – than what we were doing before. If I was describing AFR to one of my peers, I would say that it’s like having a dedicated route planner that can be operated by the wider team. Now everyone can run the routing. AFR is simple and effective, calculating the best routes and the most important jobs to visit. This gives the team more time to address other tasks, adding more value and decreasing risk.”

Scott Morgan, in the Nutrivend showroom in Pontyclun (near Cardiff): “With AFR, now everyone can run the routing.” 

AFR Analyses Precise Data to Calculate the Best Routing.