At Connect Vending, “Data is the New Oil”

At Connect Vending, “Data is the New Oil”

At Connect Vending we believe passionately in using the information we collect and generate to help us make better decisions. It’s a core methodology at Connect because it enhances the service we deliver to our clients. And that in turn improves the experience of their end customers.

Now, Connect Vending is introducing Vendmanager from SB Software, implementing tools that improve decision-making still further. The new operating software - our vending management system - will deliver a number of key abilities and functions that will ensure the level of service we provide to our clients is enhanced even more, and delivered consistently. That’s our goal.

Introducing dynamic reporting will give Connect the ability to closely manage our operated business on an unprecedented scale. With reports that can delve deep into data and plan the most efficient and effective routes, Connect will ensure that clients are even less likely to have an instance of a hot drink or snack machine not having availability of choice.

Elyas Coutts - Connect Vending

SB Software and Connect Vending

Communication is a critical part in any service industry. Great communication starts internally, and the best is two-way. Adding functionality to our operators’ hardware and software gives Connect and our employees greater ability to communicate at critical points in the business process. This will provide Connect with a clear view of what is happening in the field. Always.

The added functionality of Vendmanager will turn Connect from a reactive company to a proactive company. An example of this is Connect’s approach to its product portfolio management. We will now deeply understand what our customers are consuming, and can collate market data along with broader market trends. Combining this information with our own knowledge of site demographics, Connect will make available the most sought-after products for our consumers’ tastes, from healthier alternatives such as Burt’s Quinoa spicy chorizo to all time favourites like Coca Cola.

Using dashboards and exception reports Connect can now go a step further in the proactive management of clients’ portfolios. We aim to flag issues as they become apparent and plan preventative work as early as possible across the fleet of machines.

We still have the same great team working together to deliver the very best they can to our clients. Day-in. Day-out. But the key difference today is that by putting data hard to work for the benefit of Connect, our clients, and their customers, that team can do ever more, better and faster.

That’s why “data is the new oil,” and will be making things run even smoother than before.

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Published 19th January 2018

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