Amazon SQS

Amazon SQS

 Increasingly, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is today’s go-to solution for intersystem communication. If you enjoy Netflix and the flexibility of watching films on various devices, picking up the movie again whenever you like, wherever you left off, you can thank SQS for that seamless freedom.

Now we have further developed our very own Vendmanager, to bring all the benefits to vending of integrating payment systems via SQS. In brief:

- SQS is fast, reliable, secure and robust.
- Transactions are shown live - you can monitor events in real time.
- You won’t need an FTP server - it’s all in the Cloud (with in-built safeguards).
- Messages are stored on multiple servers - providing redundancy and availability.
- SQS scales economically, growing with you as payment systems increase in volume and importance (believe us, they will).

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service that allows our clients to adapt to current technology trends, to move with the times - if that is the best route for them.

Our commitment at SBS is to provide choice. Our job is to make our clients’ own choices achievable, to bring them within reach.

Integrating with SQS is another example of making it so.

Published 29th May 2019

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