Access Dimensions

Access Dimensions

We are delighted to confirm that Vendmanager now integrates with Access Dimensions, the finance and accounting software that is widely used in our sector. This now brings us to a total number of five accountancy systems. As always we are driven by client demand, so more will be added if/as required. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about integrations with Vendmanager. 

Now, operators who are running Dimensions have the choice to stay with their existing systems when they move VMS to Vendmanager. We just integrate with the client’s pre-existing databases to make the transition pain free. It’s easy. You can simply switch over from one day to the next.

Not only does this remove a potential barrier to change, it also brings freedom of choice. If you are running Dimensions, you can keep it or change whenever you choose at a later date - all while introducing the benefits of Vendmanager, the best vending management system there is.

Published 30th May 2019

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