2018 Customer Service - Please Vote for us at the Vendies

2018 Customer Service - Please Vote for us at the Vendies

 The Vendies, our annual industry awards, are upon us again. We are delighted that we have been nominated in the Customer Service category: thank you to all involved so far.

Now, you, the participants in our sector will decide the final winners. We wanted to show you just what we have been doing to merit such an award.

2018 Customer Service

We are the developer of Vendmanager, the best vending management system there is.

As technology specialists, providing the software and hardware to manage the data that is the lifeblood of vending, effective customer service is vital to the success of our clients’ - and our own - business.



Tom Howarth (left), Head of Customer Support: “We make it fast and easy for users to get the information they need, in the format that is most useful, at the time when they want it.” Paul Trickett (right) is the latest recruit to Tom's team.

We have always recruited for customer support ahead of the curve - even (or rather especially) amidst the rapid growth of the last three years - and both of our latest two external hires were to further bolster customer support.

Today this team runs as an efficient department built in Tom’s own image.



But customer service is a part of the DNA of every member of our company, not just the responsibility of the specialist support department.

Every one of our clients is working in a business environment that is increasingly intense. Time is money. Finding the right answers to customers’ operational requirements quickly is essential.



We monitor metrics to assess quantitatively how we are progressing. Starting from a position that has long been more than satisfactory, we are pleased that all trends are continuing to show further ongoing improvement.

So, what do we do in a situation where clients tell us that our customer service is already excellent, and impartial analysis confirms this? We invest significant additional resources in making customer service better still - through a transformation that is both evolutionary and revolutionary. The reason? Because in the end, customer service IS our business.


Our objective is to help clients to be “simply better”. And we plan to be ever more successful ourselves, by making that happen.

Pre-emptive customer support removes potential issues before they become issues at all.

Take SMS our Software Migration Service for new customers, for example. With ten steps, spread over two phases we take the strain so that clients don’t need to:


SB Software SMS Phase One

SB Software SMS Phase Two


Satisfying customer enquiries or problems effectively and efficiently is good. It’s essential. Cutting them off at source like this is even better.

Process improvements like ticketing systems and knowledge management have their role to play - they accelerate issue resolution. But they are no substitute for genuine support and service overseen by real humans. We need and want both.



Enabling users to do what they already know they want to do is part of our job. Helping them to do ever more (pushing Vendmanager further) is a key part of our mission. To bear witness to these principles in practice:

- Recruitment has prioritised customer service - we recognise that we need bandwidth to deliver these changes without jeopardising current high standards.
- Every month we send out a newsletter by email, including “Did You Knows?” These are features of Vendmanager that may be new to users. In August 2018 we will reach Did You Know #40.
- We are now embedding support videos into Vendmanager itself, available on tap whenever they are most useful.
- We are “bottling” the accumulated expertise from across our company, and making it easily accessible to each of us, as needed.


Every working day, we set out to help clients to be “simply better.”

With customer service, we believe passionately in applying the same core principle to ourselves too. Throughout. It’s good already, now how can we make it simply better? The process will never end.

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Published 30th August 2018

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