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Perfectly engineered solutions for vending and office coffee services (OCS). From route planning to monthly invoicing, Vendmanager handles it all.

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SB Software provides software systems for vending and OCS operators. It's all we do, and it's all we'll ever do. We're passionate about producing well-engineered solutions and we're only happy when we have the best systems on the market.

Vendmanager Software


Desktop management system

The system has a number of very powerful features, but it's also highly configurable, so that individual companies or users see only the parts of the system that they require, to ensure the system is as easy to use as possible.

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Mobile vending tracking

The system can be synchronised with the main system from within the depot, or during the day, via the mobile network. Employees that are based on site, or at home, can also synchronise via broadband if required.

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The only management software you will ever need for vending or OCS

The Vendmanager systems are the result of many years of development and have been designed to be flexible enough to cater for the needs of all vending and OCS operators, from the smallest to the largest. We cover all aspects, from cash reconciliation and stock control through to monthly invoicing.

There are two main components – Vendmanager and Vendmanager Mobile, and together they provide an integrated and powerful system that is configurable enough to deal with the individual requirements of any business.

The only vending management software you will ever need

Unparalleled features

The Vendmanager systems are the result of years of development and have been designed to be flexible enough to cater for the needs of all, from the smallest to the largest.


Excellent Support

We take great pride in not only providing sophisticated software, but also the very best support from day one. We are always here to help. We view providing friendly, flexible and expert support as simply part of the package.

Robust and Reliable

Based on the simple priority that our systems ‘just work’, we have built the easy-to-use Vendmanager software around an SQL database, using the latest development tools.

Powerful Reporting

We have made large amounts of the data Vendmanager produces easily accessible, meaning extremely powerful and useful reports are only ever the touch of a button away.

Cash and Stock Reconciliation

Vendmanager helps to reduce ‘shrinkage’ and eliminate the human errors that often happen with manual input. The software accurately reconciles the cash and stock handled by operators and tracks all movements within the system.

Configurable Dashboards

The software has been designed so that users can configure their own dashboard with a range of modules and reports, presented in either grid or chart form.

Ad hoc Route Planning

Vendmanager allows operators to undertake unexpected or unscheduled machine servicing via its Android devices and, because all site history information is stored on the devices, it gives users all they need at their fingertips.

EVADTS compatible

The only company using DEX data in real time. The DEX data is used directly at the machine so operators can therefore restock much more quickly, while valuable data collected underpins future planning.

Sage Integration

We’ve designed our systems to be as flexible as possible and fit seamlessly into your trusted existing operations. As a result, Vendmanager’s simple-to-use wizard interface allows the valuable accounting data collected to be easily integrated with clients’ preferred accounting systems.

Payment System Integration

By working with your payment system provider, we can import all data into Vendmanager and therefore seamlessly include credit card payments as part of contract invoices.



Don’t just take our word for it

We’re very proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding customer support and of the positive and productive relationships we have with our customers, whether large or small. All companies are different and we do our utmost to adapt to their varied requirements. We’ve included our most recent case studies below, to give a flavour of the work we’ve done and to let them speak for themselves!

Westways Vending Testimonial

Westways Vending

Westways worked extensively with SBS prior to its installation. Since then that co-operation has grown into a synergy.


Revive and Honest Testimonial

Revive and Honest

Dan Varney is a project manager with Revive, vending runs in his blood. He is a power-user of Vendmanager.


Spa Vending Testimonial

Spa Vending

After outgrowing the embedded cash and paper systems upon which the company had been based, Asking around the industry Vendmanager from SB Software came top of the bill.


Cambridge Vending Testimonial

Cambridge Vending

Cambridge Vending have migrated their operation onto SB Software’s fully integrated Vendmanager system.


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